10 Wholesale and B2B (Business-to-Business) International Ecommerce Platforms

International ecommerce platforms allow you to expand your business and offer your wholesale buyers the products you offer in your B2C online store! Here are the best wholesale and B2B global ecommerce platforms!

Whether you are an online sales expert or you are just starting a new journey towards global ecommerce success, you probably know what a huge difference an ecommerce platform can make.

An international online store can help improve your online presence, allowing potential buyers and resellers discover you through search engines.
Attracting more clients can boost your sales and this is not the only way a wholesale or B2B international ecommerce platform can improve your business performance.

By choosing the right B2B ecommerce platform, you will be able to showcase specific and relevant product recommendations for your visitors. Your clients will see related items, items with more features while you unlocking powerful upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Growing your sales and profits while minimizing your costs might sound difficult and almost impossible, however, it is a real benefit of using B2B international ecommerce platforms.

The modern technology today allows you to take every aspect of your company online, including customer service, client information provision, order entry, and more. By simplifying these processes, your business can cut down on expensive and unnecessary costs while you are focused on marking your business more productive.

B2B International Ecommerce Platforms

Here, we present to you 15 leading wholesale international ecommerce platforms for businesses to buy and sell items:

#1. Shopify Plus: Shopify Plus gives you access to your own wholesale channel. You can create a separate and password-protected storefront (as an extension of your Shopify store). All of your orders, wholesale customers, and other information and details are trackable via Shopify Admin. In your wholesale store, the customer can order only items that are in the price list (a list they assigned to). You can customize the prices you offer your wholesale customers, you can customize order processing, and much, much more.

#2. Amazon Business: This platform works like the B2C side of Amazon, with one significant difference – it requires buyers to set up their own business account to start shopping! The suppliers can register for $39.99 fee/month.

#3. ThomasNet.com: A marketplace focused on product sourcing and supplier discovery. The website receives over 60.000 visitors per day and any business can sign up and register for free.

#4. Joor: A retail-focused B2B exchange. Joor works with over 160.000 retailers and over 2000 leading brands from all over the world. Based in New York and with offices in Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, and Miami, we see no reasons why you shouldn’t sign up and start selling.

#5. TradeKey: A B2B marketplace specialized in selling electronics worldwide. The website supports different languages including English, Chinese, Russian, French, Arabic, and etc. to benefit all members. You can sign up for free.


#6. BigCommerce: Another wholesale international ecommerce platform. BigCommerce is considered to be the biggest competitor of Shopify Plus. The platform allows you to build, customize, and design your own store and start selling to businesses from all over the world. Get in touch with BigCommerce team to discuss the monthly fee.

#7. WholealeCentral: This is considered to be one of the biggest directories of suppliers. The buyers can search and find suppliers and buy directly from their websites.

#8. MarkersRow: A B2B exchange where businesses can look for suppliers and manufacturers who meet their product needs. Suppliers can sign up for free.

#9. Magento: A well-known ecommerce platform. Unlike Shopify, Magento is an open-source platform allowing you to build your own online store and sell to customers (businesses) from all over the world. As a seller, you are responsible for web hosting, maintenance, and updates.

#10. Etsy Wholesale: A B2B marketplace where buyers can choose handmade clothes and accessories provided by small businesses.

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